1. Hinterhag Alm, Saalbach, Austria, 6/1/13

    So New Years Eve in Austria was an absolute cracker. Went out to a fancy restaurant with the gang (no parmas here unfortunately) and then watched the fireworks over the mountain with a couple of bottles of champagne while enjoying the beautiful cool night air -  a balmy -10 degC. Absolutely awesome. Unfortunately I broke my collarbone snowbaording on New Years Day which lead to the last few days of Iscghl being spent in my hotel room off my head on pain killers, and later in Imst Medisportclinic. on the 5th of Jan Bryce and I left the crew for Saalbach where I meet Australian friends old and new for another week in the mountains. ‘Unfortunately’ this week I could only apres ski.

    With the team out on the slopes, I decided to spend a little of the morning exploring the town, and trying to suss out how the hell I would get to the apres ski place, which was actually a little up the mountain. The idea was that i’d find the place, head back to town for lunch and meet everyone back there around 3, but after I walked up an absolute ball breaker of a hill to get to there, it made sense to just stay for lunch and enjoy a few quiet beers in my own company :)

    The weather that day was amazing- sunny and clear skies, and about +5deg C. I found a schnitzel on the menu, and promptly ordered and found the best seat in the house. A little pricey at 18euro but the view was amazing, and the chef turned out to be hell ladsy. He saw my gimp arm when I was ordering and served me the schnitzel cut into bite sized pieces so i didnt have to use a knife and fork!!!

    Eventually everyone else made their way there, and we enjoyed some classic german beer drinking songs played by the live band, as well as about a million shots of jaeger


  2. Fuck Knows, Ischgl, Austria, 30/12/13

    Tonight was red shirt night. Somehow it turned out that of the 7 guys on the trip, 6 of us had bought our own maroon coloured t-shirts. Or in Bryce’s case, he had bought two…. Of course, it made sense that we all go out for dinner wearing exactly the same tshirt… 

    No idea what this place was called but it had heaps of large tables and it played the apres ski playlist of kesha/pitbull, aviccii, and all the german beer drinking classics, while still passing as a sophisticated restaurant!

    Again, fairly reasonably priced around the 12 euro mark. The whole menu was in german but Gin Jim and I managed to find two kinds of schnitzels to enjoy. Mine was uncrumbed but came with ham cheese and tomato, and James’s was a similar style to that which I enjoyed the previous night at Kitzloch- crumbed with cranberry sauce, but this time served with chips. Both were throughly delicious. Drinks ensued later that night at Champas Apres Ski bar, as we drew closer to the last day of 2013.


  3. Kitzloch, Ischgl, Austria 29/12/13

    got.parma? has gone international

    I spent the Christmas and New Year period just gone exploring a little more of Europe. Helsinki, Riga, Trysil, Ischgl and Saalbach-Hintergleem were a few of the highlights. The week of new year we found ourselves in Ischgl, an amazing ski town in the west of Austria, the home of the Schnitzel.

    Kitzloch is a fairly traditional Austrian restaurant which also has a pretty cool apres ski setup as well. It seems the classic ‘parma’ style of italian sauce on chicken isn’t exactly widely available outside of Australia so I opted for a traditional veal with cranberry sauce and potato salad. This was so freakin good!!

    I think it cost 12euro which is around $17. Definitely recommend this place is you ever find yourself in Ischgl. The Paznauner Pressknodlesuppe is to die for.


  4. The King Street Brewhouse, Darling Harbour, NSW, 1/8/13

    After a morning cruising the streets of Sydney just generally checkin’ shit out, I felt like some lunch. Took a walk around Darling Harbour and was drawn in to this pub with the promise of $5 pints of Red Tape beer. I’d never had Red Tape before, but I certainly had $5. The flavour of the day was Red Tapes’ Brown Duck Brown Ale, which like all of their beers, is brewed on site. Delicious!!

    This mother of a parma cost only $15 and I’m going to say it was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. It was a real butterflied piece of chicken breast with some sweet arse sauce and freakin awesome view over the harbour. I could not fault this bit of feed in any way…


  5. Shakespeare’s, NSW, 31/7/13

    We’re national baby!!!

    I’d spent the weekend in Auckland for work doing some inspections on some gear we ordered. Got to check out the BMX world cup and what not, and then managed to alter my flights home which gave me 4 days in Sydney catchin up with ma boys Toddy Oscar and the Honey Badger!!

    The first thing I’ve noticed about Sydney. PUB ALCOHOL IS CHEAP AS FUCK. And I mean real cheap. Most pints are around $5 or $6 without a happy hour special. Wednesday evening started with a few at the popular Wynyard Hotel in the CBD with Todd, the Badger and Todds mate Macca. When we decided to move on, the Badger left us and we made our way to Shakespeare’s in Surry Hills where no meal is over $12.50. No meal is over $12.50…..

    Macca and I both got the parma and I am currently awaiting a guest review. Definitely no complaints about the price. Tasty crinkle cut chips, bulk salad and even a cheeky slice of eggplant atop the meat along with the standard ham, cheese and Napoli sauce. I’d recommend this to anyone.


  6. The Botannica, 13/7/13

    Friday night was spent in the city at The Generous Squire to have a few beers with a mate Sam who was moving to Norway for a couple of months. The night eventually progressed on to Mechanics bar and then onto Ginger. WOW there was a lot of children walking around that place. I have a feeling stubbies of VB were only $6 tho!

    Saturday was disgustingly hungover. This was an awakening for our new Brazillian housemate Maira, who thoroughly enjoyed bringing us some beers and learning about the game of AFL and what hairy dogs are all about!


    Sam then came over just after lunchish and suggested we go to the Botannica for a bit of a feed.

    I’ve always thought that place was a bit wanky, and I was correct. Lucky it was a nice day with the sun shining and the beer flowing. The parmas were over $20 I think and to honest was not really much to rave about. The salad was pretty dry and rank, chips were ok tho. Nothing overly bad about this meal but its certainly not sticking in my mind as one of the ‘best of’.


  7. The Nannup Hotel, 15/6/13

    Friday night after work we drove down to Kiwi’s place in Bunbury, with the plan of taking the bikes out over the Grimwade enduro track on Saturday, staying in Nannup Saturday night, then riding the Nannup hills on Sunday. Had a sweet ride at Grimwade, very muddy tracks. Gilesy even came along with his new 350. Kiwi ran in the new blue Husaberg weapon as well.

    Arrive at Nannup late in the arvo and check into the room, then head over to the bar where the beers began flowing deliciously. Filled up the jukebox with enough coins to play the entire John Cougar Melloncamp discography, twice, and then ordered some food. 

    This place sure knows how to fill up a plate. It certainly suited the mood I was in, all round a great feed. About the $20 mark I think. Which seemed fairly reasonable considering we were fairly far from any other civilisations. Chips were certainly top notch.

    I’ve decided to scrap the rating criterion for now. With these older meals its getting hard to recall and make an accurate score. Also I just cant be fucked anymore really. Lets narrow it down to a YAY or NAY scoring system. Nannup gets a Yay (not quite worthy of full capitals).


  8. Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, 4/5/13

    This weekend was one of the most boozy of the year to date.

    I took Friday off work with the idea of heading down to margies with Emery and Marky Campbell to check out the new place Emery’s folks got, and try and scab some tickets to The Rubens gig. We met at Emery’s place in the morning, packed up the car. We stopped to get a coffee on the way, but I decided it was best to have a stubby instead. What a beautiful day! Arrived on Friday arvo, headed over to eagle bay brewery for late lunch, went back and had a few stubbies at the house, then got a cab into town to check out the wildlife at Settlers. A million pints later and we find ourselves in a kebab shop haemorrhaging bulk coin into the skill tester. Rookies.

    Wake up saturday, absolute hung dog millionaire. Time for a brewery and winery crawl down caves rd. First stop Mad Fish wines. I try a white wine. And the cold sweats overcome me. I stand outside in the fresh breeze for the remainder of our stay at Mad Fish trying to work out where my life is headed from here.

    Next stop, a brewery. Things are looking better!! I’ve decided things will be ok after we found a table by the water in the delicious sun. A few more beers at a few more pubs, all the way to Caves house. Return for a beer or two at Emery’s place, and then the same obese cab driver picks us up to again check out Settlers.

    Enter the parma.

    I really rated the fact this dish came with garlic mayo for the chips instead of tommy sauce! Bit pricey, I think around the $24 mark, but tasty salad, tasty chips. Overall, I was embarrassingly maggot enjoying a good meal with excellent company.

    Never got tickets to the Rubens. Decided it was better to hang out in the front bar and shark the pool table anyway. The night ended with the boys pushing a trolley into the street in front of a cop car, and me verbally abusing this girl in the kebab shop for looking too much like pocahontas. The same cab driver as before picked us up to go home, and revealed that all weekend she thought we were all legit homos. And we’ll leave it at that.



  9. The Paddington Ale House (The Paddo), 16/5/13

    The Paddo! With 141 international beers in stock. Great for watching all kinds of sport, and where I possibly had one of the rowdiest pub crawls of my life, St Georges College Boys Night Out.

    Its embarrasing how long ago i had this meal. I cant really remember fuck all about it to be honest. I think it was a random Wednesday or Thursday night, I went with my housemate Bryce and his girlfriend.

    I remember not be disappointed, and I have a feeling it was on special for about $16. The mustard style dressing on the salad was hellllllll good too. Chips were extra tasty.

    I think it would be unfair to give a number rating. I really don’t remember what it was like. A good review though none the less.


  10. Wyndham Community Club, 27/4/13

    So last week work presented me with the opportunity of spending just under a week in the beautiful port side town of Wyndham… It meant working long hot days on ANZAC day as well as the weekend, but hell, I didn’t mind at all :/

    We were staying at the Community Club a few kms south of the main town site, which thankfully was equipped with a bar and restaurant. Managed to cop a game of footy over a parma and ginger beer for lunch on saturday. The place was pretty quiet, just me and Craig from work, another tourist couple, and the bar manager Pete.

    The size of this thing was out of control. I pretty much filled up the entire plate. Good salad, but seeing as though we’d had pub meals for lunch and dinner the previous three days, I was kind of over eating more chips. Although they were still delicious. There was a ridiculous amount of rubber cheese on top of the king size fillet. I can’t believe I’m saying this but there was actually too much. It was slightly sickly, and I couldn’t actually finish it. It cost $25 but of course work took care of the bill.

    Size: 4.5/5
    Taste: 2/5
    Price: 2.5/5
    Crowd and Venue: 1/5
    Sides: 3/5

    Overall: 13/25


  11. Three Springs Motel Restaurant 13/4/2013

    This time Parma Spy, Uncle Eggnog went north in search of the world’s best Parmigiana. Mum grew up in Three Springs and I’ve been there a few times as a kid, but never to eat a chicken schnitzel.

    Having sampled several chicken parmis south of the river, we headed 325km north of Perth to Three Springs in the mid west of Western Australia in search of a great meal.

    Three Springs and other towns along the Midlands Road all but closed down to passing traffic when the new Brand Highway took the traffic up another route to the northern coastal regions. The Three Springs Motel is unsigned and hidden in a side street. It’s bit of a secret for those not of the town.

    Denise and I were staying at the motel so decided to check out it’s restaurant.

    The interior is spacious and well set out. Not over flash but very surprising when compared with any other restaurants now off the main drag.

    Richard, the owner-operator-cook made us welcome as we sat down to a few beers with him before the meal. Richard is a man of many talents, including many years working as a qualified chef in top hotel restaurants up the east coast, over many years.

    Besides two local couples and their families, we had the restaurant to ourselves. Service was prompt. Denise selected the fish, chips and salad. I naturally selected the chicken parmigiana. Denise was content with her meal.

    The price of $24 was on the high side, but we were miles from Perth and everything costs more (petrol!!) I was told that the parmas in the restaurant were home made, which leads me to believe that other pseudo restaurants could be buying theirs in pre-prepared and possibly frozen. Now, that was an eye opener.

    The chicken and topping was very tasty and the chicken still moist. The salads, offered with a sache of French dressing, were tempting in appearance, plentiful, very fresh and crisp. I haven’t had a salad dressing available at other tastings. It was a welcomed addition. The chips were good run of the mill, very edible.

    Summing up…

    Size: 3.5/5
    Price: 2.5/5
    Taste: 4/5
    Sides: 4/5
    Ambience of venue: 3.5/5

    Overall: 17.5/25

    This could be regarded as a good parma, and worth coming back to at another time, after exploring other dishes on the menu.


  12. Cosis Café, Albany WA, 29/3/2013

    You might remember a previous review sent in about the Sandy Cove Tavern but the notorious Uncle Eggy. He’s back again with a taste test from the deep south. Albany, WA.

    "Got Parma’s secret spy taster headed south for Easter to keep the southern Parma People on their toes. Uncle Eggy went to Albany and reported back on the Chicken Parma at Cosis Café located at 141 York Street.

    Good Friday was a busy time in Albany. A large group of us headed to Cosis Café at 141 York Street in Albany for lunch, but due to the lack of parking because of all of the tourists, many didn’t get there.

    The eight that made it, had a choice of alfresco or inside dining. The weather and atmosphere was perfect for a meal outside, but looking to seat all of us together meant we were destined to eat indoors.

    Cosis is a casual eatery with a menu that I could get my head around. The décor is simple, definitely not over the top. Although busy, the area wasn’t too noisy, a big problem with many of today’s restaurants with no soft décor.

    Of our group, I was the only one to select Chicken Parmagiana. The service was good and the meal arrived well within my steaming ears time limit.

    The chicken was OK, as was the topping. It was served with a fresh salad and chips. The chips were tasty and with a hint of outer crunchieness. The salad was fresh and crisp.

    Overall, a slightly above average chicken parma.

    Some where along the way during a busy Easter, I forgot what I paid for the meal but I recall that it was not overly expensive and seemed good value for money.

    This is how I rated the experience:

    Size: 3/5
    Price: 2.5
    Taste: 3/5
    Sides: 3.5/5
    Crowd and Company: 4/5

    Overall: 16/25.

    No complaints, considering how busy they had been that period. The service was good and the luncheon was enjoyable.”

    Cheers Eggy!


  13. The Hyde Park Hotel, 15/4/13

    Well for starters I just want to say sorry for being such a shit bloke about keeping the blog up to date. No reason really, just never really got around to it!

    I just received my first pay check from my new job, so what better way to celebrate than to invest in a delicious delicious pub meal. The Hydey has come a really long way since the last time I’d been there watching a punk and hardcore gig in the front bar circa 2006. I think it might have won best renovated bar or something.

    Anyway, Monday night is ‘schnitty’ night. You can get a beef or chicken schnitzel with chips and salad for $13!!! They also do a deal where you can buy 4 of the tasty treats for $45, with a some onion rings on the side. Bryce, Georgia and Weebo can along for this one. Obviously no complaining about the price, but the menu failed to mention it came in a platter style ‘to share’ as opposed to individual servings. The onion rings were absolutely unreal. The schnittys were decent size for the price but I’m pretty sure it was exactly fresh! Good salad and tasty chips. All round it was pretty good!!


    Price: 4.99/5
    Sides: 3.5/5
    Pub Vibe and Crowd: 4/5
    Size: 2.5/5 (Not much salad, chips to share…)
    Taste: 3/5



  14. The Rosemount Hotel, 14/3/13

    Another long 4 day week working at the council. What a relief its Thursday!! Bryce planted the parma seed in my head just before smoko today and we locked it in. We lost indoor soccer pretty badly but when I found out it was special night at the Rosie, I got a smile on my dial.

    Not many people at the pub but considering it was a miserable day and the place was undergoing renovations I wasn’t too surprised. Parma with chips and salad was $12 (!!!!), and so were jugs of beer! (TEDs I know, but fuck its $12!)

    Food came out really quickly and was really hot. It seems this was the only meal anyone was ordering tonight so they probably just had em queued up! Some tasty kind of mustard dressing on the green salad. Chips needed a little salt and there wasnt exactly heaps of them. Chicken was really good, not massive but had legit bits of ham on it with a tasty sauce and cheese. mmmmmmm. Pretty satisfied.

    "Me Julie" was also at there at the bar, necking down the cocktails until she was refused service, and then asked Bryce if he had $5… We all laughed.

    Size: 2.5/5 
    Price: 4.9/5 (Is it possible to achieve a perfect score??)
    Taste: 3.5/5
    Sides: 4/5
    Pub vibe: 3/5


    The test for this will be putting it up against The Flying Scotsman’s Thursday night Parma and pint of Coopers Pale for $20…..


  15. The Sandy Cove Tavern, 9/3/13

    Another guest review. I’ve been fucking busy lately after moving house AGAIN, and going away for a few weekends. Pretty keen to get around the Rosemount and the Scotto in the next week or so. For the meantime, Eric, brother of Denys, takes the reigns, accompanied by the Shentons and a few others.

    "I suspect that it is now common knowledge at the pubs, that the Got Parma crew is checking out parmas all over the state. With this, they should be paying particular attention to their parma dishes just in case a Got Parma taste tester came in unexpectedly.

    About six weeks ago we tested the Chicken Parma at the Sandy Cove Tavern in South Yunderup and it got an18/25 score. Not bad. Would a restaurant drop their guard after they found out that their parma had already been assessed?

    We decided to check. This time we sent an undercover parma tester, Uncle Eggy, back to the Sandy Cove Tav to check things out.


    It was a Saturday night and I was starving. On arrival, I met up with four friends who had arrived by boat. We opted to eat in the sports bar. There were plenty of patrons, but seating was not a problem.

    I selected Chicken Parma from the menu, as did the Quairading Parma Queen. At $22 a head, not the cheapest parma in WA, but not a rip off either.

    We found the cold Hahns 3.5 beer that we were enjoying pre dinner, also went very well with the chicken dish.

    The meals came out in good time.

    The chicken was served with salad and chips. The salad dressing looked like the contents of a babies nappy, but was absolutely delicious and combined beautifully with the textures and tastes of the fresh salad.

    The chips were good. A little crunchy and not too oily. The chicken serving was large, most likely a large breast. Chicken breasts are easily dried out when cooked, but this was not the case. The breast was served up, still moist and tasty. The parma sauce and cheese topping was excellent. I don’t think I have had better.

    The meal satisfied my hunger and passed my need for something tasty for dinner. The Quairading Parma Queen enjoyed hers too. It was too large for her to finish, so it was polished off by a growing son.

    Final voting:

    Size 4/5

    Price 3.5/5

    Taste 4.5/5

    Sides 4/5

    Pub Vibe 3/5

    Total: 19/25

    The final total shows that the chicken parma at the Sandy Cove, even with a reduced Pub Vibe score on this occasion, is of a consistently high quality and should be on all Parma lovers bucket list.

    A very good meal.”

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